A Few Winter Onesies Ideas

parents are still drawn to onesiesYou have to keep your baby warm and snuggled up during the cold winter months. Onesies proved great protection for them against the colder temperatures, but it’s a good idea to have onesies that are specifically made for winter weather. Here are a few suggestions that may help you keep your child from having a perpetual runny nose this winter season.

Hat and Suit

One of the simplest baby onesies to use during winter is a hat and onesie combination. You can buy these as matching pair, where the hat and onesie share the same designs, colors and aesthetic. Or you can opt to buy the hat separately and just use the same hat from one onesie to the next. It’s a good idea to have very small children (those under one year) wear a hat at night and whenever they go outside. Their heads are extra big at this point, and they can lose a lot of heat through that part of the body. By covering their head with something warm, you can keep them from getting too cold. Just covering their head can protect the rest of the body from extreme temperatures, but you don’t want to forget about those other parts either.

Hooded Onesies

Onesies that come with an attached hood solve the problem of finding that hat that is supposed to go with the outfit. For those parents who have bought hat and onesie combinations, they may recall how often they have went searching for the hat that goes with a particular outfit and not found it. The hooded onesie negates the need for a separate hat and ensures that your child is kept warm at all times. Plus, whenever you want to take off the head covering, you don’t have to set it aside somewhere.

Thick Onesies

If you know the temperatures are going to be dropping for wherever your little bundle of joy is sleeping, then you may want to go with thicker onesies. These come in a variety of great designs and colors, and they can be incredibly comfortable for your little darling. The easiest and safest ones to use are those that zip up, but then have a fold over the zipper to keep it from poking the baby.
These are a few of the great options available to you, and new ones are popping up all the time. Whatever you go with, just be sure your baby is kept warm during these cold months.