Raving Customers “Gotta Get’em All”

It’s the latest craze that’s sweeping the nation… or, perhaps, a subset of the nation… alright, so it’s more of a niche market, really. That being said, embroidered hats are here, and they’re here to stay. For the enthusiast, there really is nothing quite like a personalized embroidered hat to show off their favorite pastime, hobby, occupation, or brand loyalty.

Upon close inspection, it’s not hard to see why: these are some seriously high-quality pieces of headgear. Whether they’re China washed or mesh trucker hats, only the highest quality of fabrics and cloth are being put to use in their assembly. These embroidered hats are put together with some truly tough and rugged stitching; they are guaranteed to be durable, and to hold up under impressive conditions of wear and tear. This includes routine outdoor use, and exposure to the elements.

Bargain Embroidery

The latest computer software and embroidery technology is used to produce quality embroidery on the front of these hats. The embroidery possesses a neat, professional look that blends perfectly in terms of style and color with the materials involved in the hat’s assembly. Custom embroidery is available at a cost of $35 per hat – but in batches of 72 hats or more, it’s included at no charge. This makes these hats one of the best options available to include as souvenirs for a large professional, personal, or social gathering – or as part of a uniform, or a memorabilia piece relating to a major event.

Hats are a popular collector’s item. They can be designed to go along with a particular product launch, and sold in association with the expansion of an existing brand – which doesn’t have to be anything to do with hats, in itself. If you’re opening a new business location, or expanding your product line, this is a great way to generate both additional exposure and a little extra business.

Other Uses

With the free embroidery available on orders of 72 or more, embroidered hats make for fantastic fund-raising options. They can be sold to raise money for a good cause, and with the free embroidery can bring in a far amount of money over the course of an evening or weekend-long event. They can also be raffled off.