Types Of Storm Damage And Restoration

Unexpected weather changes such as massive storms, hurricanes, tornados, winter storms, and hail are some of the things that can ruin your property. Once you have a storm damage situation, it is convenient to search for solutions and professional help to assess you in restoring all the disasters. It´s best to find a licensed contractor to restore your home back to the way it was, click here for a top rated company to take care of any complication you house might present.

Here are some types of storm damage you can experience at home or business, and the different consequences they can cause:

  1. Winter storm: when you are dealing with blizzards the roof is the first thing to break down due to heavy snow and high winds. Winter storms can also create ice dams, they trap water between the ceiling and a layer of ice, triggering leaks and mold which can cause structural damage. These wintry storms usually come with high winds causing shingles to break loose. Do not get on the roof until you know it is safe. You will need a home restoration contractor to check any signs of leakage in the attic.
  2. Hail damage: states in the Midwest are most susceptible to hail damage. This problem is not always visible but when it is you can look for cracked shingles and dents in shingles. This kind of injury can lead to roof leaks that can spread away and cause structural problems. If you think you have hail damage, it is recommended to get an expert opinion.
  3. Storm-related Flood Damage and Tidal Surges: when it comes to structures, flooding can lead to a dangerous contamination thus you are at risk of mold within the first 24 hours of a flood. It is important to try to stop the water from flowing and look for a solution as soon as possible.
    Wind damage: this is the most common issue that accompanies heavy storms. In this situation, the roof is the one who receives the brunt of a storm passing through. Just as a winter storm, shingles become loose and they can break completely. You must check your roof after a massive storm thus to prevent future leaks.

What should I do my house presents any of this kind of storm damage?

Storm damage can happen in different ways such as a flood, fire, and wind damage. floods can cause extensive damage at home, lightning strikes can lead to a fire, and high winds can cause many structural issues. Damage due to flooding storms can get into every part of your home or business structure. It Requires the replacement of several items inside the house, including walls, ceilings, floors, and your possessions. This video will show different issues caused by a hurricane.

It is important to assess the damage and get started with the cleanup and restoration at home or business once the catastrophe has passed. You will need to disinfect the floor and walls to avoid any health issue that can proliferate due to storm damages. Before you try making restoration by yourself, it is important to emphasize that it´s too dangerous and you must leave this type of situations to professionals.